Thursday, October 15, 2009

My role models ;)

Marc Chagall, Peter Paul Rubens, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Steven Spielberg, and William Randolph Hearst

War: The Ace of Spades beats the King of Hearts

I love allegory and metaphor and I try to use the two as frequently as possible in my artwork. For this piece I was inspired by the playing cards from "Alice in Wonderland." So here you have the army of Spades receiving the surrender of the King of Hearts.
I split the portraits in half. The portraits on the left represent the leaders of the West and the portraits on the rights represent the leaders of the East. At the center in Barack Obama, President of the USA. Beneath each portrait is description of the the title each individual holds in his/her respective country and beneath each title there appears a drawing of each country's capital city.
Around the globes are depictions of the four Seasons and the tradition Greek elements that make up the Earth and Universe. At top center are depictions of the virtues, muses, arts and the triumphs of Man

A la Blaeu

This was inspired by the traditional Dutch map maker Janzon Blaeu. Once more I have an obsession with maps and it really stems from one of Mr. Blaeu's maps. Mr Blaeu was alive during the 1600s and at the time was the most popular atlas publisher in all of Europe. One of his maps that I am particularly found of was one he published in 1665. It was an immense wall map that was a gift to the Vatican ambassador in Venice. On the top of of the map were eleven portraits of the Kings and Emperors of Europe including Louis XIV, The Sultan of Turkey, Poland's Johannes II and Spain's Charles II. In the center was a larger portrait of Pope Innocent XI. Inspired by Mr. Blaeu's creation, I made my own that depicts the present major leaders of the world. They are respectively Lula Silva (President of Brazil), Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Gordon Brown Prime (Minister of Great Britain), Nicolas Sarkozy (President of France), Barack Obama (President of the United States), Hu Jintao (General Secretary of the Peoples Republic of China), Dimiri Medvedev (President of Russia), Yukio Hatomam (newly elected Prime Minister of Japan), and Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India).




One of my favorite things to draw our maps. Really any sort of map, cityscapes, topographical, political, all sorts of projections. Sorry for the "fuzziness."


The intention behind this was that this piece would be a birthday piece for my dad. I figure every office deserves some sort of map that can "distinguish" the space while also lending the viewer a viewer to somewhere else.


My apologies once more for neglecting this space. Here are some recent projects that I've finished I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello everybody! I've finally started posting on here, I apologize for such a long delay. I hope all of you enjoy what you see and if you have any comments, I invite you to make them as you see fit. I am going to try to keep this blog as up to date as possible. Perhaps I'll start using it to record thoughts and such. Anyways, welcome, and I hope you like what you see. Cheers! :)